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While pursuing my Bachelor's in Fine Arts, I discovered my knack for documentary- style cinematography. This approach works beautifully when capturing weddings.

I believe in keeping things as natural and candid as possible. My goal is to be present for the moment without interruption. There will be no direction or time set aside for setting up poses. Your wedding day will not be treated like a film set and I am not interested in the latest video trends. Those things will become dated and meaningless. I'm much more interested in capturing authentic memories because that is truly what you will value the most in the future.


All of the "little" moments in-between the vows, speeches, first dance, etc is equally as important and I make sure that its captured with the same amount of care. Most of the day is comprised of hand-held camera work. Video equipment takes up lots of space and time to set up. I'd rather be ready to capture a scene at a moments notice. 


Your feature length edit will comprise of ALL the footage I've taken throughout the day at no extra cost. And when it comes to editing your feature length, LESS IS MORE. I edit in such a way where you will truly experience your day again. Allowing what I've captured shine with real-time audio and without any manipulation such as montages, added music, slo-motion. I promise this is something you'll appreciate when you watch your wedding video many years later.


I am based in Ann Arbor, Michigan but I've also been shooting weddings in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Florida. And I'm down to go anywhere!




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