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We are so grateful to Joe for the incredible work he put into our wedding videography! He was a delight to work with, ready to take on whatever obstacles the day might bring, but also providing peace and joy in the chaos of the day. It was such a comfort to see Joe quietly in the background capturing all the moments of the wedding day - every time I saw him he had a smile on his face as he captured the moments. It made me feel like we were doing it all right and that he was truly capturing the joy we were feeling. Now that I get to watch what Joe has produced, I can say without a doubt he captured our day perfectly. His skills are top notch and he creates videos that make you feel all those feelings again. He does not try to draw attention to himself through his work, but truly gifts the bride and groom with a peek back into that wonderful day. Thanks for all you've done, Joe!

- Maddie & John

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